Saturday, November 27, 2010

November 27, 2010

Well I finally did it. I made this blog into a book. To look at the final view, or even if you want to order the book, this is the link.

Thank you all for the support that we received through the hardest trial of our life. We all are a little stronger and better for having gone through it though. Genesis is doing WONDERFULLY!!!! We are waiting for her lab results to tell us how her kidney function is, but last time it was around 90%! She is off all of her meds, except for the antibiotics (which she will be on for the rest of her life.) She is exactly the same little girl that she was before. She runs jumps, plays, remembers EVERYTHING that we had taught her before, and has learned a lot more! Sometimes I look at her, and can't believe that she was ever that sick. When we go to Dr.'s appointments they all are astonished at how well she is doing.

I will never forget what I have learned from this experience, and how much love I felt from all of you, even the ones that were following anonymously.


  1. that's the best news I have heard all year. Jenny and I have a little girl that's terning 1 this week end. I don't know how you went though is hard time. I know I couldn't have been as strong.

  2. You never know what you can do, until you do it! And the thing you don't realize is that if you allow Him, God is with you more than ever through the hard times. We were so blessed with those following the blog giving us their love, concern and prayers. With out those things I couldn't have been as strong as I was either. It really makes you be happy for all the little things, like toys ALL OVER THE HOUSE, poopy diapers, and all the little things that you get tired of, but when you don't get to do it anymore you only wish you could.